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It has been a ride so far. From the 90’s to this day, digital has been my favorite space to accomplish my goals.

From huge wins and a few fails, these are just some of the numbers I’m proud of. But the main focus right now is how you can take advantage of my know-how into your goals.

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“Permission marketing is marketing without interruptions.”

– Seth Godin


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The very best way to pass along all of the experience and knowledge gathered along all these years is by proper training. If you need specific training in some digital marketing skills, just let me know.


If you want a speaker to produce real value to your attendees, you will find the solution right here. I make sure that everyone gets real insights from my performance.
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If you need a personalized approach to what you want to change in your digital marketing plan and strategy, you can always make use of my experience to accomplish your goals.


If you need an author to publish real hands-on numbers, insights, and statistics in digital marketing you can always reach out to me. I’m always available to help you.

“Don’t optimize for conversions; optimize for revenue.”

– Neil Patel


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Do you want to know more about me and the brands I’m most involved with? Then check the About Page to see everything about it. More will come for sure… 😉

“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”

– Peter Drucker


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Uncertainty is Paramount in any Business

In times of fear, everyone is contracting. It’s only natural and basic psychology 101. In times of uncertainty, you want to avoid taking risks, going for the unknown. However, if you stay still, you can have a more dangerous outcome. To become obsolete. Invisible towards the others. Have you heard the expression: “If there’s one…

Do Your Own Tests

Make your tests. Don’t listen to what gurus say as if it’s a bible. Every day, my inbox is filled with newsletters. I’m a sucker for email, didn’t you know? 😆 In one of those newsletters, GrowthHackingIdea which consistently shares some insights on how to improve our stats, this was the knowledge of the day:…

In-Person Event Alternative with COVID-19

Event(s) are being cancelled everywhere due to COVID-19, and some brands are struggling to find alternatives to this Lead Generation channel. Here are some alternative solutions I would recommend: 1. Massively create content related to the event cancellation Tackle the moment and if you were to sponsor a specific event that was cancelled, talk about…

Perceived Value is in the eye of the beholder

This Monday, I was at a meeting with a new prospective client. We touched base in several critical aspects of the business, and the big main one was about why people would choose their brand against a competitor. One of the founders was genuinely enthusiastic about all the quality, design and detail of the product.…

Interview with Rui Nunes for “Onde, Quando e Como Eu Quiser” channel

This last week I went to a great event sponsored by Microsoft and organized by imatch dedicated to Building the Future 2020. It was a delight to attend a well-organized event like this with several very interesting startups, technology stands and multiple stages. Several speakers explained how the world is TODAY and how to make…

More than 50 years of Marketing in Portugal… Anything Changed?

It’s been a while since this blog isn’t updated. Enjoying the time off it’s a good time to keep up to speed on the recent developments. More than 50 Years of Marketing in Portugal Yes, that was the theme of the lecture done this December 6th at the Digital Bootcamp of the Câmara de Comércio…


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