Why I’ve Joined Markedu


I wanted to give you a heads-up on why I chose to join Markedu after a very kind invite by¬†Michael Leander (which is Markedu’s founder, BTW). In case you’ve been following my career because you’re my friend, associate or just someone interested on being a stalker (just kidding!! ūüėČ ), this might come up as a surprise. Or not!

If you¬†do a career recap from the last few projects, you may¬†noticed that I’ve spent quite a few years building a successful media group (MediaResponse Group) as part of a talented team. That has helped me grew quite a few abilities in the process. We basically have taken the world on our business model, grew exponentially and didn’t flinch¬†on thinking big. It was a challenge but also a great school.

After that I wanted a fresh start and it resulted on a process of building startups or business models where it seemed to have a market opportunity. All that excitement of starting from scratch again. Start lean and thinking big again. Quite a rush and even today it feels good to do that. In short, I’m not leaving my projects because it felt hard. God knows, there’s a great challenge ahead of me at Markedu.

What changed is the opportunity to embrace something exciting and (again) ambitious enough to make me take over the world again.

My purpose when invited to join APPM (Portuguese Marketing Professionals Association) by Rui Ventura was to help our Marketing Professionals to get the necessary tools, insights and education to perform at their best. I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and that’s why we work very hard to provide just that to our associates.

Maybe you may already noticed a pattern here. If not, here’s the main reasons for accepting this new challenge:

  • Ambition – I’m joining a very talented and capable team with a very honorable purpose: give the very best updated knowledge/best practices¬†to every Marketing, Advertising, Communication and Sales Professional. This represents a great competitive asset for those who take our courses.
  • Innovation – It’s not more of the same. Years of experience has culminated on a series of tested and proven learning formats. From Seminars, to Workshops, e-Learning Courses, Masterclasses and Webinars, the knowledge is delivered at self-paced speed.
  • Sharing – Most of our knowledge is shared for free. On a regular basis you can find the very best insights if you subscribe for free to our newsletters or add our social profiles (check Markedu‘s footer).
  • Spread the Knowledge – The opportunity to learn from the best in the world on their jobs and use that knowledge to educate our peers.

There’s also other reasons which¬†don’t need to be mentioned, but you can get an idea why I’ve accepted and embraced this challenge as Markedu’s Head of Business for Iberia and LATAM.

I hope you join me for this ride as well. Let’s keep in touch.

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