Wondering Why the USA Elections Were Like That?

If you’re still wondering why the US had that kind of Elections, then, you’re not paying enough attention to that society. Imagine this: Uber – the new epitome of entrepreneurship and startups unicorn flagship. We’re in 2017 and we still see experiences like this happening. Sexism still happens in 2017 even what it’s considered the […]

Infrastructure is the base of any great company

Grabbing an idea from Seth Godin (who else??) about this same subject, infrastructure is often demise in face of other urgent premises, like to have a business plan in place, hire the necessary people, etc, etc… When I mention infrastructure, as Seth also pointed out, it’s not only about get an office and build a […]

Why I’ve Joined Markedu

Hi, I wanted to give you a heads-up on why I chose to join Markedu after a very kind invite byĀ Michael Leander (which is Markedu’s founder, BTW). In case you’ve been following my career because you’re my friend, associate or just someone interested on being a stalker (just kidding!! šŸ˜‰ ), this might come up […]

Making a Change in Peopleā€™s Lives (Makes you Cringe or Strive?)

When You Create a Startup Based on Changing Peopleā€™s Lives for the Better It may seem aĀ battered topicĀ and nonsensical but bear with me a few more words. Originally published at: Medium Just Today, someone that I respect and leads a successful IT and Design Company just shared his thoughts about how reading anotherĀ ā€œBook of Intentsā€Ā mentioning […]