Are you Really a Dog Lover or Just Plain Stupid?

Quite recently I’ve moved to an apartment right in the city. For those who don’t know, I used to live about 80km from Lisbon on a beautiful countryside house with lots of space, peace and quiet. I still own it, but since all my “family lives” are in Lisbon (work, school, friends) it wasn’t making a lot of sense to […]

Predictions for 2015 are Easy, Difficult is to Change Your Future

It’s that time of the year again. When everyone writes posts about what 2015 it’s going to be, and their wishes for the future. I guess, this is what I’m doing right now but with a twist. It’s not a romantic version or even a depressing one. Maybe realistic. Remember, this is due to my […]

#OnlineComments — Mankind in their Worst

This was my latest Post on Medium about something that worries me a lot: Online Comments. I’m afraid that what we’re reading on these online comments could be a significant part of our real society and this is my take on the subject. I hope you like it and eventually have something to add.  

The Blindest is the One that Refuses to See/Change

I should be writing this down in Portuguese since it’s all based on recent events in Portugal, where I live. However, after a few chats, friends all over the world say that it’s universal and can relate with these subjects. This post is focused about two main events or situations that are happening right now, […]

Are We Becoming Zombies or We Just Don’t Care Enough?

After seeing this hot summer and the supposed crowd (just 12 people, really?) expressing themselves against most of the latest governments in Portugal, one must think that actually all is OK. We’re not in some crisis or having a lot of difficulties to place food in the table according to what you see in day […]

Portuguese Calling Stupid Other Portuguese People

This post should be made in Portuguese, but since this blog is in English due to my international projects, it’s also a great way for foreigners trying to understand the Portuguese way of life. I say trying because I still don’t understand and I’m Portuguese. Today’s Labour Day and almost every commerce is closed to […]