Predictions for 2015 are Easy, Difficult is to Change Your Future

It’s that time of the year again. When everyone writes posts about what 2015 it’s going to be, and their wishes for the future.

I guess, this is what I’m doing right now but with a twist. It’s not a romantic version or even a depressing one. Maybe realistic.

Remember, this is due to my personal experience as living in Portugal and having a unique professional history. So, let’s wait no more:

1st Prediction

We still won’t have a valid alternative for the current government. Actually, all the political system is outdated and corrupted by people that live by this regime. To have a significant difference, the government should be led by people with real experience in management, social organizations and known revolutionary thinkers with real life experience, people that have already proven to be exceptional. Everyone that depends at the political status or subventions is at risk of caring more about their seat than about the country’s real problems. Today’s example of switching chairs between government positions and executive board rooms of mega companies are doomed to be biased and led to corruption.

Some movements have arise and may influence some changes in traditional political parties. However, even these new ones become a victim of the pressure made by a centenary machine of procedures, bureaucracy and influence powerhouses.

2nd Prediction

More Privacy and Freedom will be consumed in the name of Terror, Fear and Lobby Interests. As the continuous hits and acts of terrorism, protest control and lobby interests make their way into the crowd collective fear and misinformation, more Freedom and Privacy will be trashed to biased interests. Never, in our history we have been more watched, surveilled and scrutinized as today. Not happy with that, more human rights will be hurt by counter terrorism agencies, security forces and control powers. Fear is being disseminated through Media, Crowd histeria and with the warm hug of some governments that distract people from real life problems that needs to be addressed without drama and shear reaction.

I’m not saying that there’s no terrorism or danger in our lives due to a number of religious and political reasons. Yes, there are, but fighting them shouldn’t be an excuse to remove even more of our freedom and right to privacy.

One of the biggest trends right now is that old traditional markets that haven’t evolved to accommodate a new reality like the music, book and press industry want to forbid and block evolution instead of embracing it and change the way they do business. Spain is going to be an example this 2015 of how blind arrogance of the Press Industry will make them collapse and blame Google or the internet in general.

3rd Prediction

Old Habits Die Hard. So, business decisions will be made as always on the supposedly safe side: Maintain the same status quo and covering their arses. What they don’t realize is that this is the most dangerous thing to do. Not changing is the most dangerous thing to do. Businesses need to question everything and always. Evolving and get into new markets and having the courage to make brave decisions are key to stay on top.

As the ever same example, Apple has disrupted a lot of markets by questioning the status quo and acting before their competition. They started as a computer company, then software and now they’re on Music, Streaming, Retail Experience and so much more game changing ideas. The others just reacted and sometimes after the right time to market has passed.

The companies that will make leap frog jumps ahead of the competition will be the businesses that have the courage to question the status quo and find what we really want, even before we knew that. Take some chances and go for it.

4th Prediction

Employment will be a issue to attend this 2015. To have a job as we know it is so outdated. Machines, Robots and Technological Advances has taken the job of millions of people around the world and it’s only get bigger. So we must adapt and do not think that we have only one profession and keep doing the same thing for years. We must be always making the difference and be valuable to any company that hires us. We should not think on what the company will do for us, but what we must do for the company that brings value. If we change this mentality something great will expecting us in 2015. Just find something that you excel in and make everyone know about it. And then, you must be always learning more not just on that subject but on a variety of other ones that you think it can bring more value to your professional path.

Remote working is a trend for 2015 as it has been in previous years. There’s a significant number of technology that allows people to work from places so remote as Tibete, Alaska or in a Tour around a country. It’s more important to achieve the business goal objectives than to have a 9 to 5 work hour schedule. Responsibility and to stand out doing amazing work is key to become successful.

5th Prediction

Marketing will be more about wasted money. As in the 3rd Prediction, most marketers are like a crazy firefly always chasing the next new shiny object and keep the pace with all the new trends without even thinking if it makes sense to the brand and if it’s going to make a difference in their audience. Even with a lot of good insights from guys that are always ahead of the wave and have reasonable judgement on what type of businesses should embark in one of another fad, they still need to show to their peers that they’re innovative and modern. Yes, you need to take chances, but most of the times we just know that it’s stupid before even try it. So use your good judgment before doing it.

And by entering a new arena you shouldn’t forget the ones that are working right now. It’s good to test new things (with good judgement and common sense), but you should not kill the goose that’s delivering the golden eggs before you find a new proven one.

6th Prediction

At my 6th Prediction, I know for a fact that it will be an exception for every one of the predictions above.

  1. A man or woman will make us believe that we can have a future in the International Panorama (it’s about to happen since it’s a regular cycle).
  2. Public pressure will make the regulators more sensible to the privacy issue and at least become more difficult to continue to open our doors without clear reasons.
  3. A few companies will continue to risk it and challenge the status quo. These are the ones that will thrive in adversity.
  4. People that learned how to thrive in this economy and employment trends will be choosing which companies to work for and not the other way around.
  5. Some savvy marketers will be crazy about results and test what works and what does not work. These ones desperately want to work with me and my team. 😉

Enough of Predictions already. Predictions are easy. We just need to write them down and eventually we find something right. What it’s difficult and ultimately rewarding is to change our future and make it our own. Change it to what we want it to be. It’s on our hand to do it. So what are you waiting for?

Share your thoughts about your predictions or about the ones that I’ve stated here. I really want to know what you think about it. Thank you!

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