Portuguese Calling Stupid Other Portuguese People

This post should be made in Portuguese, but since this blog is in English due to my international projects, it’s also a great way for foreigners trying to understand the Portuguese way of life. I say trying because I still don’t understand and I’m Portuguese.

Today’s Labour Day and almost every commerce is closed to celebrate the holiday. So far so good. It’s really a great cause to celebrate and a day that every worker should rally for better labour conditions and benefits, if there’s the case.

But most part just choose to sit in the couch watching television or scrolling their facebook feeds making funny of other news that showed up today!

Pingo Doce is completely attached to Labour Day in Portugal

Pingo Doce, for those who don’t know, it’s one of the biggest networks of grocery stores and supermarkets in Portugal.
About a year ago they decided to place every single product in their stores at 50% discount for that single day. That has originated a massive run to the stores and people almost hit each other to get the products they wanted at a special discount. It has become national news and associations and syndicates have protested about this since it has sounded like an attack to the workers day from a company trying to deviate the people from the protests into a massive shopping spree.

Obviously, it wasn’t this that has stopped people from going to manifests and protest rallys. But they argued differently.

It’s Announced another Discount Day and then Refuted

Tuesday was announced by some newspapers that maybe this year the promotion would be used again for 1st of May, but Pingo Doce refuted that claiming that they will not repeat the same promotion as they did in the past.

So what happened? Today, before they even opened the doors, a massive line of people were waiting to go shopping and see for themselves if the products had discount or not.

As announced by the company at hand, the products weren’t at 50% discount, but just a few products with discounts that could reach 50% in some situations and mostly at 20% discount. It’s not bad at all.

Let’s Get Real

We live in a serious economical crisis. If it was created by some mentalities or external influences that’s not important right now, since we’re definitely in real difficulties and some people live on the edge.

Let’s face it. Some people are starving. Entire families that don’t show up in the streets but are starving behind doors. With real difficulties and counting each cent on the money they can get their hands on. So, any small discount for small it is, counts on their family budget.

And that’s ok. I praise these people because they’re sticking together and making the best they can to survive. So, when they hear something like this, they get up early in the morning and try to save the much they can, even if some make some hoarding to have food or products they need for a long period of time. If they’re saving, great!

Good for you!

What I’m Really Sick of It

What I’m really pissed off is because, while some people are saving as much as they can, other’s as the majority of the Portuguese people commenting about the subject in social networks and newspapers online comments are calling these people as dumb, not educated and slow minded people. Same even say that they’re ashamed of being Portuguese because of this reaction from people running for a sweepstake.

But there they are, sitting in a couch, making fun of people really acting, even if it’s something like waiting hours in line to get a discount. Don’t this reminds a certain waiting line for a product launch like an iPhone? But in that case it’s ok.

Since it’s for saving a few bucks they’re dumb. If it’s for filling their kids mouth with food and getting first necessity products, they’re ashamed because they’re acting like that.

On the other hand, we’re hearing about new taxes, new austerity reforms every single week and everybody complaints but just a few make noise about it. Just stay dormer in their asses complaining about everything but no action at all.

Guess what? Who’s dumber? 

Don’t get me wrong. I love my country and I’m surrounded of great people but sometimes this gets in my nerves and I need to let it out. Maybe some of them can read this and react differently.

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