How Teens and College Youngsters Can Possibly Have a Relationship

I was reading this piece from  and it really interested me. In paradox it was not about the way women relate into their sex lives, but in fact as teenagers and college students even consider a relationship. One of the quotes in that article, that really stroked me was this one: “Am I allowed to find the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with when I’m 19?…I don’t really know. It feels like I’m not.” originated from a previous article from the Times

If you consider in fact the question, the only thing that turns it a bit differently from 15 to 20 years ago, was that most people married and had kids much earlier than today. And that’s fine. Everyone should make what’s best for them. What makes me a bit sad though, is that maybe sometimes, we’re so much overwhelmed by information flow of so much life experiences through internet, television, specially “supposedly TV real-life shows” that we think that’s a standard. We are educated on a competitive environment where a happy scenario is built into us: like have a career, a boat, a beach house, nice cars and going into parties as the ultimate goal. First get rich! Then search for love.

This isn’t wrong for itself. What’s wrong is that we can miss the love of our lives in this search for the ultimate happiness picture. When we end up in that final pictured “thing” we realise that we left behind the one person that really miss out. Not only associated with love itself, we can translate it to other life values. With all that work to become happy we forget on how to really be happy.

Competitiveness is good thing but it’s essential to stop sometimes and enjoy what we already accomplished. We can be happier than we thought to begin with!

I hope my daughters can treasure more about having real friends, real love and relationships than fall into a dissatisfactory breakdown driven by what the world says it will. Every single person is different. That’s the only truth out there.

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