Before we get start with the actual “About” Page, let me just state that this is the most difficult page to fill in from them all. This is that special page that we’re suppose to brag about ourselves and claim that we’re the best in something. Make your time worth while and build a resumé that can give some proof that my words are, in fact, relevant for you.

Well, you’ll be the judge of that, but not so much after reading about my persona, but I hope, based on the articles themselves.

Who’s Rui Nunes Professionally

Rui Nunes is Founder and General Manager of sendXmail(s) – Email Marketing and Automation Made Easy, ZOPPLY – Web Presence for Brands, Business Manager for MindSEO, Board Member of APPM – Portuguese Marketing Professionals Association, Invited Lecturer at E-Commerce Post-Grad for Lusofona University, Teacher at FLAG.

Before that Rui Nunes was the Head of Digital for Kwanko, Emailbidding Manager and Country Manager of MediaResponse Group Portugal for more than 6 years and worked within the group since 1999, projects like Canalmail, LeadtoLead, EfficientTarget, and HotWords. At the time he left the company, it was one of the World’s biggest Permission Based Email Marketing Databases in Portuguese and Spanish Language.

In the meantime have created more than 4 different companies and projects which gave him experience in different fields of Digital Marketing and Presence to be able to help you leverage the tools that we have nowadays at our disposal.

Besides this main focus, he’s also a teacher, trainer, and consultant for numerous companies and marketing schools. If you want to leverage his experience, just reach out.

Who’s Rui Nunes Personally

Rui Nunes his very humble for being so lucky to have a wife he truly loves, two wonderful daughters that makes him so proud for being able to be in this time of their lives and one dog very dysfunctional but that’s what makes her adorable and lovable.

All his background has been made in arts, so it’s something that he nurtures whenever he does it working or in some other activity. Whenever he has the time, which is very few, he loves to paint, make digital art-work, comic books and obviously loves to write.

What’s the Purpose of this Site?

Quite simply, Rui Nunes intended to have a place where he can share the expertise and knowledge about Digital Marketing and Personal Challenges as an entrepreneur. The idea is to help you leverage your web presence and not committing the same mistakes he has encountered previously and give best practices or tips to get you on the right track.

As always, you can reach him by this site comments or through the contact page, whenever you need to ask him something.